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Belle and Sebastian

'Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance' Vinyl Boxset


Limited edition quadruple LP in lidded box with download voucher and poster. Featuring two extended mixes and four bonus tracks, two of which are exclusive to this format.


Side 1
1. The Party Line

Side 2
1. The Everlasting Muse
2. The Power Of Three
3. Today (This Army's For Peace)

Side 3
1. Enter Sylvia Plath

Side 4
1. Born To Act
2. Two Birds
3. Ever Had A Little Faith? (Extended Version)

Side 5
1. Play For Today

Side 6
1. Nobody's Empire
2. Piggy In The Middle
3. The Book Of You

Side 7
1. Perfect Couples (Extended Version)

Side 8
1. Allie
2. A Politician's Silence
3. The Cat With The Cream

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