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Stevie Jackson 'I Can't Get No' LP

Belle and Sebastian

Stevie Jackson 'I Can't Get No' LP


The deluxe vinyl edition of (I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson comes in a gatefold sleeve and on heavyweight vinyl - and if that's not enough - comes with a free download code that allows you the option of downloading audiophile (Flac) versions or various qualities of mp3s.

The album features 12 songs: Tracklisting:

1. Pure of Heart

2. Just, Just So To The Point

3. Try Me

4. Richie Now

5. Dead Man's Fall

6. Bird's Eye View

7. Man of God

8. Kurosawa

9. Where Do All The Good Girls Go?

10. Telephone Song

11. Press Send

12. Feel The Morning BANCHORYLP6318

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